Key Features
• Made from faux organic materials such as reeds, grasses and bamboo
•Gives a unique and natural texture to your home décor
•Can be top-down or bottom-up operation, or even function in both directions

Made from marvelous faux organic materials such as reeds, grasses and bamboo, woven shades are a terrific way to give your decor texture and a casual feel. Alluring Window carries an extensive selection of woven window shades New York designers love, from all of the best-known top brands, but if you’re shopping for a woven look be sure to check out our exclusive signature line. We created it to give you even more choices when it comes to selecting just the right custom window shades in New York.


Texture and Warmth

There’s something so comfy and appealing about the look of bare wood, and it works with any type of décor. Whether your home is full-on mid-century, a total throwback to the 90s, or a modern oasis of clean and bright lines, woven wood shades will complement your room’s style. As an adaptable and neutral choice, wood blinds work well in any setting and can add a more warm feel and textured appearance to any space.

Light and Bright

Sunlight is important, but so is privacy. Some chunky types of blinds can be great for privacy, but they’ll block too much of the sun. With woven wood shades, you can have both privacy and sunlight in your home. Their light design still allows light to come through even when they’re completely closed while still offering privacy at all hours of the day. Lined woven blinds are perfect for spaces like the living room or bedroom where they can block out sunlight.

Indoor and Outdoor

Woven wood blinds are a perfect choice for any spot in your home, but we especially love them in seasonal sitting rooms or screened-in porches. If you’re a fan of design flow, add woven blinds to your entire home, both indoors and on your porch. You’ll have continuity in your décor, and enjoy all the benefits of woven blinds in every room of your home. Woven wood shades are made from natural materials which also means they are environmentally friendly.