Key Features
• Durable and long-lasting
• The use of wood wrams the room
• Can fit to a variety of styles according to your room design

Nothing warms a room like wood. It’s an element that makes wood blinds a valuable addition to any room’s decor. Wood blinds are versatile, too, with a flexibility in design that allows you to use them in a variety of settings, from formal to casual to trendy. Blinds Miami is the Miami window treatments company where you’ll find all of the top brand wood blinds, as well as an exclusive signature line all our own. Whatever finish best fits in with your decor, from a variety of stains to colorful paint, we have the right look crafted from quality handpicked timber just for you.


Beauty & Versatility

Wooden blinds can be made out of many sorts of wood, which means they can blend in with just about any decor in a room, whether it’s modern, contemporary, Victorian, Edwardian or country style. They can be stained, which will bring out their grain, painted or lightly varnished. The slats can also come in different sizes. This makes them not only compatible with the decor of a room but with the style of window.


Wooden blinds also afford the household more privacy than blinds made out of plastic or vinyl. This is because they’re thick enough to hide even the shadows and outlines of people and objects in a room. Yet, inspite of offering such complete privacy, wood blinds are lighter than blinds made of vinyl or other artificial materials.. Another thing that makes wooden Venetian blinds easy to clean is that they don’t have holes but notches .

Energy Star Performance

Wooden blinds are also easier to clean than other types of Venetian blinds. Other blinds are hard to clean without without taking them down. Very dirty blinds may need to be soaked for a while in a bathtub of soapy water. Wooden blinds can be cleaned without having to take them down, and of course they’re never put in a bathtub! Indeed, they shouldn’t be hung in a room that has high humidity.