Key Features
• Ideal for large windows and sliding glass doors
•You can choose between vinyl and fabric for your vertical blinds

Ever since they were first created in 1948, vertical blinds have been the ideal window covering solution for large windows and sliding glass doors. Because vertical blinds have improved in function and appearance over the years, that’s true now more than ever. At Blinds Miami Miami, we have all you could want in vertical blinds selection from the top name brands such as Graber, Levelor and Hunter Douglas, and we offer one of the largest selections of fabrics and materials. Blinds is the place to find custom vertical window blinds that exceed expectations.


Sun Light Protection

The rays of the sun are then magnified when they pass through glass. This is great in the winter months however not do great at other times of the year. Sun can do a lot more damage than just making the room hot. The suns rays can fade and damage furniture. Continued exposure to the sun can actually destroy sofas, chairs and other upholstery type furniture. Vertical blinds can reduce this greatly. The vertical blind can reduce, divert and even completely bock the rays of the sun. The vertical blinds will save your furniture and save you the time and cost of having to have it recovered.

Money Savings

Vertical blinds can save you money in other ways. By reducing the rays of the run that enter into rooms the heat index will also start to drop. During the summer months you will save on electric and air conditioning costs. Savings of up to 20 percent are not uncommon with good strong vertical blinds. Vertical blinds can also help save money during the winter months as well. By keeping the windows covered with a good, strong vertical blind, less heat will escape. This will be reflected in lower heat and fuel bills. Blinds make you save money with our guaranteed vertical blinds.

Multiple Options

When choosing vertical blinds, remember that the choice among the various slat options has a lot to do with the results you will have, as well as how much you will experience these advantages. If you choose aluminum slats, you will have a wide range of color options, and these can be a great and easy to clean option. However, aluminum can be damaged easily, and when bent, these slats will stay bent and can never return to their original shape or condition. Many are surprised to hear that vertical blind provide some added advantages.