Key Features
• Has anti-glare and semi-translucent properties
• Diffuse bright sunlight and it’s damaging UV rays while still providing a clear view outside
• Variety of solid colors and prints in differing levels of opacity

Differing levels of opacity are what make solar shades brilliant options for sun shades for Miami homes. They may look like traditional shades, but these nifty versions of a basic window covering have anti-glare and semi-translucent properties. These features give solar shades the ability to diffuse bright sunlight and it’s damaging UV rays while still providing a clear view outside. The ray-blocking power goes a long way toward protecting your upholstery and wooden surfaces and yet, amazingly, you can still see through your windows.


Keeps Heat Out

Solar shades keep sunlight out and prevent bright sunlight from entering your home or office. They are also quite effective in minimizing the transfer of heat indoors. In the summer, interior space can be quite comfortable because most of the heat is blocked and glares from sunlight are also minimized. olar shades block harmful ultraviolet rays from entering your home. This way, many harmful diseases such as skin cancer and other disorders can be prevented to a great extent.

Wide Variety of Designs

Though solar shades are somewhat pricier than regular window screens, they are definitely more economical in the long run, because of the many advantages they provide. They are also available in different sizes, shapes and designs to suit your home or office space. Solar shades enhance the look of any living space because they are attractive and appealing.Because solar shades filter out ultraviolet light, they are very beneficial in conserving items such as furniture and upholstery.

Enhance Interior Comfort

By using solar shades, you can stop bright glares from the sun that can be very irritating, depending on the location of your home. Direct light from the sun often hits other surfaces and reflects back, causing discomfort and harm to the eyes. It can be difficult to work or watch television under such circumstances. With solar shades, you no longer have to worry about such discomfort. All you see is a pleasant view of the outdoors that you can enjoy uninterrupted.