Key Features
•Great for large windows, sliding glass doors, patio doors and even for use as room dividers
•Helps control light and privacy
•Wide selection of fabrics- solid colors, patterns and textures

When you have large windows to cover sliding panels are the custom vertical blinds Manhattan chooses hands down over all the rest. Instead of the narrow slats you’re used to seeing on vertical blinds, sliding panels are wider, so each one covers far more space. That means fewer panels to help control light and privacy. Alluring Window has all of the top window covering brands that offer sliding panels but, being NYC window treatments specialists, we also have our own signature line of sliding panels for you to choose from.


Light Control

The elegant long vertical blinds make any room look sophisticated and modern. As the sun crosses the sky, panel track blinds can be adjusted to the constant changing direction of the sun’s rays. Like a dimming switch, panel track blinds can be easily adjusted to the amount of light you want entering your home. If an unobstructed view of the window is what you want or need panel track blinds can easily be retracted for a full view of the window.

Variety Colors &

Panel track blinds come in a variety of colors and textures. If you are looking for the tropical look than bamboo panels maybe what you are looking for; if you want a contemporary style then a neutral color, like white, is available. Whatever decor you have in your home or want, panel track blinds has the variety to match. You can also get a valance to cover the top of the panel track blinds. Bring the uniqueness out of your home with panel track blinds.


Panel track blinds can also be an economical choice. During the long hot days of summer, you can draw the blinds close, which will help keep the suns rays from heating up your home, which in return will decrease your use of the A/C. During the winter months, you can draw the blinds open to take advantage of those same sunrays to help heat your home, thereby decreasing your heating bill and the lasting durability of the panel track blinds.