Key Features
• You can be in control of the privacy of your home. You get to decide the openness factor
• Brings Softness to your home décor; A welcoming touch
• Can be paired with other window treatments

Sheer panels and semi sheer curtains are popular sheer window treatments Miami customers find useful for controlling privacy during daylight hours, and for diffusing the bright Miami sunlight. They bring a soft, translucent quality to any room in homes as well as office spaces and are a flexible window treatment option in more ways than one. Changing out your old, dated drapery for sheer curtains will give your decor a face-lift. You can even pair sheer curtain panels with other window treatments for a distinctive layered look.



The transparency of sheer curtains allows you to dress a window without restricting the sunlight from entering the room. Sheer curtains not only look elegant but also provide a bright breezy feel and are great for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen windows.

Attractive Look

Curtains made from sheer fabric can be used independently or behind heavier drapes to provide an attractive look. Available in a variety of colors and designs, sheer curtains are not very costly. These curtains can be used to create a partition within a room.

Sunlight Protection

Curtains made from translucent material, especially sheer, are ideal in case you have indoor plants. These curtains protect your plants from direct sunlight while allowing in enough light for them to grow. Not only this, these curtains are easy to maintain and can be washed quickly.