Key Features
• A combination of fabric curtains and the functionality of shades
• Two types of style are available: teardrop- for an elegant look or flat fold- for a modern, contemporary look.
• Can be built to raise up from the bottom, lower down from the top or work in both directions

If you like the look of fabric curtains but prefer the functionality of shades, Roman shades from Blinds Miami Miami are the window treatment solution you’ve been looking for. Because Roman shades are fabric, you have a wide selection to choose from, whether you want solid color or prints and designs. Also, the classic style is available in two types: teardrop for an elegant look or flat fold for a modern, contemporary look.


Cut Energy Costs

Roman shades can be made from lightproof material, effectively reducing the amount of sun exposure the room receives. Sunlight entering through a window can heat a room quicker than you expect, and if you’re running air conditioning, that bit of sunlight coming through the window may be costing you money. Roman shades are a tasteful and simple solution. They can also function as insulation.

Limitless Design Choices

If you’re choosing a fabric based on looks and not just function, the possibilities for your Roman shades are almost endless. They can be crafted from any type of fabric pattern. Use your new shades to make a statement in any window space. If you do require the utility of lightproof or insulating fabrics, there is still a wealth of options available, and you can even have your Roman shades made with multiple fabrics.

They Go Anywhere

Roman shades look great in dining spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other room of your home. They offer a simple yet elegant way to cover any window space, and the stacking blinds create their own valence when fully pulled up. Roman shades can be a functional and attractive addition to any room of your home. Roman shades are a timeless and tasteful addition to any window space or room.