Key Features
• Can cover tough areas, like corner windows and floor to ceiling windows
• Has a nearly invisible track that perfectly merges with the wall or ceiling
• Has a snap tape that creates consistent, uniform ripples in the drapery fabric

A trendy, modern look with functional convenience is what sets Ripple Fold curtains apart from other window drapes. When you have a tough area to cover, such as floor to ceiling windows, corner windows and walls with multiple windows, Ripple Fold curtains save the day. Ripple Fold drapery is designed to work well across large and small spans alike, so cover the entire wall if you need to.


Elegant With Style

No matter how many times you change your look, this style will stand the test of time. It is simple, clean, timeless and gorgeous! These drapes stack less than a pleated style. Where there are pleats, there’s bulk, which means you lose valuable window space. If you are looking to maximize your viewing area, then this is no doubt the drape for you.

Multiple Hardware options

This style looks great behind a valance or alone with just a rod. And speaking of the hardware, the options are absolutely amazing! Our favourite hardware supplier is Altro. Their styles, finishes and custom options are endless. Ripplefold drapes show off the drapery fabric. More pattern and colour is visible through this style.

Environmentally Healthy

Ripplefold drapes in your healthcare environment will not only provide beautifully sleek and soft-rolling drapery, but there are many more benefits. The way that the Ripplefold drapes are suspended eliminates the possibility of tipping or sagging, allowing the drapes to remain perfectly positioned and spaced at all times.