Key Features
• Give a clean, sharp look that effectively accents almost any decorating style
• Keeps up with weather changes. Provides effective insulation during winter, which allows you to enjoy a warmer home and prevents the hot summer air from entering
• Easy to operate, both manually and motorized

Pinch pleat curtains are a window treatment choice that will never go out of style. The fixed, uniform pleats sewn evenly along the top of the drapery distributes the fullness of the fabric, giving the drapes a clean, sharp look. We’ve found that pleated drapes effectively accent almost any decorating style, all it takes is some expertise from our experienced designers to help select the right fabric.


Cut Down On Noise

Pinch Pleat, sometimes known as ‘French Pleat’ is a hand made curtain heading where the pleats and finished width of each curtain is carefully planned so that they fit your pole exactly.

We use buckram (a stiffener) in the heading and calculate the position of each pleat, taking into account the width of the pole etc and any patterning of the fabric and then they are stitched in place.

Keep Out The Sunlight

One of the biggest advantages offered by custom drapes is that they can help reduce the amount of noise that will travel into your room. This is especially useful if you live on a busy street or your neighbors have children who are loud while they play. Make sure that your weekend mornings are undisturbed from outside noises by investing in some thick custom draperies for your bedroom window

Touch of Elegance

As everyone knows, nothing is more annoying than being woken up too early with a face full of light. This will not happen if you have drapes over the windows. Drapes give you total control over the light that enters your room, so you can determine how bright or dark you want the space to be. Five star hotels always have fabric drapery treatments in their rooms. There is nothing as elegant as window pleated curtains.